Buy sn Eco-Friendly, Functional, and Flavourful Kadai Firepit from BBQs 2u!

BBQs 2u has been serving barbeque and grilled foods all these years, and now they are selling quite a few world-class ovens in the UK so that you can prepare the same food in your own kitchen.    

Now, another new addition to their kitty called the Kadai recycled firepit is the right choice if you want to prepare your food in the garden. 

Kadai is originally used in the Indian subcontinent for preparing foods. Indians have been using this for ages. 

Recently, these Kadais have been introduced in the UK market, and they have become quite popular. This fire bowl is mainly made of recycled materials such as steel oil drums. 

You will find each of these fire bowls is a unique masterpiece, which is a combination of eco-friendliness with exceptional functionality. 

BBQs 2u will offer you Kadai in different sizes like 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, and also the larger version of 100cm and 120cm. Using these Kadai Fire bowls, you can elevate your outdoor experience.

The Kadai Firepit Stand

Along with the Kadai fire bowl, you will also need a firepit stand so that you can use it safely. 

The following are the specifications of this stand:

  • Solid steel measuring 1.125 inches (3 cm) in width and 0.20 inches (5.08 mm) in thickness makes up the stand.
  • Its dimensions are 9 inches (23 cm) in height, 17 inches (43 cm) in diameter, and 5 pounds, 10 ounces (2.5 kg).
  • The stand features three 1.5-inch (4 cm)-wide legs welded to the top and bottom of the band.
  • Like a bicycle chain or cannon barrel, the steel has been oxidized to stop it from rusting.

Pros and cons of Kadai Firepit Stand


  • The stand will be a solid support to Kadai
  • One can cook safely


  • Likely to get rusted if not taken proper care.

However, if this Kadai stand is maintained regularly, it can last longer and offer good support.

The Kadai Firepit

  1. The Handles
  • Round steel rods with a diameter of 4 inches (10 cm) and a thickness of 0.45 inches (11.5 mm) are used to make the bowl’s handles.
  • A strong steel frame and two huge rivets hold the handles to the bowl.
  • The two handles can swing upwards thanks to the bracket.
  1. The Bowl
  • The bowl is 0.10 inches (2.54 mm) thick and is composed of repurposed steel.
  • The bowl is 23.75 inches (60 cm) in diameter and 7.5 inches (19 cm) in depth at its centre.
  • The Indian fire bowl website states that the bowl weighs 55 lbs. (25 KG) when the support is included.
  • The bowl fits snugly on the stand thanks to four huge rivets in the underside.
  • Likewise, the grill is held level by four rivets

It will be a very good investment for your kitchen if you buy this Kadai firepit from the BBQs 2u store. 

You will get a lifetime of fun and also cook great food of your own! On top of that, you will get after-sales support and a guarantee from BBQs 2u!